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Open House
September 15, 2019
Sunday, 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

No special open houses or events are scheduled at this time at Lower South Grape Creek School. Check our Events Calendar for other Friends-sponsored events to attend.

School Club Activities

The first community club was organized in 1960. It includes third and fourth generations of former students and neighbors. The Club meets quarterly throughout the year for a social. The restored building is used for weddings, reunions, meetings, and other community activities.

Visits or Tours

To schedule a visit or tour when the school isn't conducting a scheduled open house, call the Lower South Grape Creek rental contact person below or complete our Contact Us form and select Lower South Grape Creek School from the dropdown. Include the date/time of your request along with details.

Rental Contact

Darlene Stehle

Driving Directions

#6 on the driving map (Route D) located at 10273 East US Highway 290.

photo of Lower South Grape Creek School

A brief history of Lower South Grape Creek School

Built in 1901. Consolidated in 1960. On holidays, such as Washington's Birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, students presented programs. All parts were memorized and families and the community were invited. Christmas plays were held inside this school with the front area having a curtain, and the students using a side window for the entrance and exit. Santa Claus handed out oranges, apples, and candy, and lit the candles on the Christmas tree. One year his beard caught on fire. He quickly exited through the window and headed for the well.

School Club Officers

Darlene Stehle

Shirley Harvey

Judy Petsch

Darlene Stehle
Stephanie Haines
Shirley Harvey

History of Lower South Grape Creek School

In 1871, Luckenbach trustees voted to buy 1⅓ acres on the west bank of South Grape Creek from Juliane Wehmeyer for $50. Until 1871, the Lower South Grape Creek School District had been part of the Luckenbach School District. Luckenbach Precinct #3 covered Luckenbach, Grapetown, South Grape Creek, and Grape Hill until 1889. Some of the early settlers listed in the precinct's history included Peter Burg, Eramus Frantzen, L. F. Toepperwein, Friedrich Scharnhorst, J. M. Hunter, John Blank, G. J. Weber, Ferdinand Gellermann, and William Feller. These families lived along South Grape Creek between Luckenbach and the Pedernales River to the north. The first schoolhouse built by the community was a log cabin. Theodor Huelsemann was the teacher between 1875 and 1880. On May 12, 1889, the school on South Grape Creek was named Lower South Grape Creek School, District #21, because the Grapetown School had, at one time, been named Upper South Grape Creek School.

The need for a better, more accessible school arose, so in 1900, the trustees sold the original land and bought an acre from Charles and Martha Ahrens for $5. This site was located less than 1½ miles north along Grape Creek and next to the Austin Highway. The new, cut limestone block, single room schoolhouse was completed in 1901. It had a tin roof with a bell tower on the east end and a chimney on the west end. In later years, a large porch with a concrete slab was added. Through the years, the finer things in life were added, including electricity, a new well and pump, drinking fountains on the porch, and new modern restrooms that replaced the old outhouses. The last year classes were held in this little country schoolhouse was 1960. Due to low enrollment, the trustees voted to consolidate with the Fredericksburg Independent School District.

School closing plays were performed on the large porch. In earlier years, they had been held across the river on the Kusenberger place on a wooden platform built for the stage. Later, they had been held at Weinheimer's Hall and at Luckenbach Hall.

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